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Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer but is also one of the most treatable cancers when detected early. Skin cancer can develop anywhere on your body, including your eyelids. Most people don’t usually think about developing cancer in or around the eyelid, but this area is exposed to sun damage on a daily basis. It can be argued that this skin is even more vulnerable, due to the fact that it is thinner than the skin found on the rest of the body. Eyelid skin cancer, if left untreated, can lead to extensive rather than minimal surgery.

Eyelid skin cancer is typically treated using Mohs surgery, a precise surgical technique that removes cancer completely by removing thin layers of skin. This helps preserve tissue by only removing what is needed. Board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Vivian Schiedler works very closely with Mohs dermatologic surgeons to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. She uses precise care and a meticulous approach to reconstruct and repair the eyelid, giving the patient a natural and comfortable result. Learn more about eyelid skin cancer and reconstruction by contacting Oasis Eye Face and Skin at (541) 708-6393 and scheduling a personal consultation.

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