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With so many cosmeceuticals on the market, it is very confusing to know which products will work for you. Let Dr. Vivian Schiedler and her staff take the guesswork out of it! Dr. Schiedler has carefully selected affordable, high-quality, and professional-grade skin care products to treat your skin aging concerns. These products offer science-driven results with research-proven ingredients and formulations that will make a visible impact on your skin.

Difference between OTC and Professional Grade Skin Care Products

If you have ever looked at the list of ingredients on the back of a skin care product, it can read like a foreign language. Some over-the-counter skin care products may have the same or similar ingredients as the professional products available, but don’t be fooled. There are a couple of key differences that separate consumer-grade from medical-grade products.

  • Medical-grade skin care products contain higher concentrations of active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and retinol.
  • Skin care product lines available from physicians are formulated with higher quality ingredients and forego unnecessary additives or fillers.

Benefits of Skin Care Products at Oasis Eye Face and Skin

Professional strength products can treat your skin on a cellular level that most over-the-counter products can’t. Consumer-grade products often lack the strength to penetrate deep into the skin. One of the most significant benefits of selecting a home skin care product provided by Oasis Eye Face and Skin is that you will work directly with Dr. Schiedler. Together, you can determine precisely what skin care products to use based on your needs and skin’s health. As a board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Schiedler knows which skin care products can achieve real, effective results that erase signs of aging and other facial flaws. Using the right skin care products can also help maintain results from other facial rejuvenation treatments such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, and broadband light therapy.

What Types of Professional Skin Care Products are Available?

ZO Skin Health

A comprehensive medical-skin care line that is effective and designed to treat pigment problems, melasma, rosacea, and anti-aging. ZO Skin Health uses a combination of therapeutic treatments with innovative at-home skin care products to maintain healthy and flawless skin. Dr. Schiedler can design a “boot camp for the skin” regimen that is aggressive enough to achieve fast results. Patients looking for a gentler approach can also be accommodated.

Our main goal at Oasis Face Eye and Skin is to provide our patients with the results they want using the best products for their skin.


For patients who desire and value a skin care line free of parabens and sulfates, this botanically-based skin care line may be the right choice. It was developed by a dermatologist who is passionate about science and evidence-based results. As a child, the creator of this line had severe eczema and therefore understands the importance of reducing inflammation and calming the skin. The goal of Epionce is to improve skin conditions without irritation. That is why the entire line is geared toward reducing inflammation and restoring the skin barrier for optimal results. Working with Dr. Schiedler to determine which products are best for your skin concerns and treatment goals are the best ways to achieve healthier skin.

Get and Maintain Healthy Skin with Skin Care Products

Professional-strength skin care products are perfect for all ages. They not only help erase visible signs of aging and skin damage, but these quality products can help maintain your results from Halo laser or BBL / IPL light therapy, microneedling, and deep chemical peels.  To learn more about the skin care products available at Oasis Eye Face and Skin, contact skin care expert Dr. Vivian Schiedler to schedule a consultation. Call 541-500-0165 today!

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