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Eyelid malpositions are defects in the position of the eyelids that can leave the eye exposed, leading to damage and irritation. This condition is treated by surgical intervention and the two most common types of eyelid malpositions are ectropion and entropion. Entropion is when the eyelid rolls inward as opposed to ectropion where the eyelid rolls outward. Both conditions are more prevalent in older individuals and are uncomfortable and unsightly.

Ectropion and entropion are treated by tightening the tendons and ligament inside the lower eyelid, which improves the contact between the eye and the eyelid. Surgery for eyelid malposition can provide long-lasting results and allows patients to regain eye health and comfort. To learn more about treatment for eyelid malposition, contact Oasis Eye Face and Skin and schedule a personal consultation with eyelid plastic surgeon Dr. Vivian Schiedler. Call (541) 708-6393 and schedule your personal consultation today!

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