Retraction Repair Patient 10

Oasis Eye Face and Skin | Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, Oregon

This 75-year-old woman’s lower eyelids were too short after a previous surgery, causing poor blink mechanics and loss of the almond shape to the eyes.  She could not blink well or close her eyes properly. By default, this caused her eyes to water, making it challenging to read. There was an unsightly thin and rounded web of skin in the outer corner of the eyes. In addition, the lower lids had dropped too low on the eyes, showing white underneath the corneas. This is called eyelid retraction.


To correct all of these issues, Dr. Schiedler performed a midface lift, added a graft inside the lower lids, and repaired the outer corner of the eyes. This brought the lids up to the ideal height on the eyes to protect the corneas, improved blinking and closure, restored the outer corners and almond shape to the eyes, and eliminated the wateriness. As an eyelid expert, Dr. Schiedler pays attention to both beauty and function, as they often go hand in hand.  She does challenging restorative work after patients experience poor cosmetic results done elsewhere.

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