Skin Cancer Patient 17

Oasis Eye Face and Skin | Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, Oregon

This 72-year-old man was sent to Dr. Schiedler from his eye surgeon / ophthalmologist because of a suspicious lesion on the lower eyelid. It had been noticed by the patient for about six months and was causing irritation and the eye to water. Dr. Schiedler biopsied it to confirm a basal cell carcinoma. At a later date, removal of the entire lesion left a moderate size defect. Pathology confirmed clear margins.


Dr. Schiedler then repaired it by using a tissue sharing technique from the underside of the upper eyelid to recreate the back layer of the lower eyelid. The front layer of the lower lid was repaired with a flap of skin and muscle from the upper eyelid. This healed well, leaving a normal eyelid margin, eliminated the watery eye, and improved the eyelid contour, blink, and closure. Needless to say, the patient was very happy.

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