Ptosis Trouble: One Celebrity’s Struggle

Ptosis Trouble: One Celebrity’s Struggle | Oasis Eye Face and Skin

Ptosis Trouble: One Celebrity’s Struggle

Ptosis is a medical condition that causes severe droopiness, and is especially common in the eyelids and brows. Oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Schiedler at Oasis Eye Face and Skin specializes in treating both eye and brow ptosis, immediately helping patients regain their youthful, rested appearance and confidence. Droopy brows or eyelids can be much more than an aesthetic concern. When ptosis is present, sagging skin and a heavy brow can even impair your vision.

Treatment For Eye Ptosis

The treatment for ptosis is a customized surgery offering quick results than can last several years or even a lifetime. There are different types of brow lifts, but all include fine incisions that are easily hidden in the hairline. It’s not uncommon for a patient to opt for both an upper eyelid lift and brow lift, especially if they struggle with loose skin and fatty deposits in more than one location.

The most important factor when considering ptosis surgery is selecting the right surgeon. Dr. Schiedler is an eye specialist who attended the best universities in the country and is exceptionally skilled and experienced in surgeries for the eyes and brows. This area is extremely delicate, and you deserve to have only the best expert when considering such a surgery.

Many patients are pleasantly surprised to learn just how fast the recovery period is after ptosis surgery. These surgeries are positively life-changing and instantly boost not only your aesthetics but also your confidence. Unfortunately, there are some people who haven’t discovered the many benefits of oculofacial surgery to treat ptosis—including celebrities.

Life with Ptosis

Singer Louise Gabrielle Bobb, known simply as “Gabrielle” professionally, has enjoyed an illustrious and successful 25-year career as a singer. She recently returned to the spotlight after a long break, and fans immediately noticed that her trademark eye patch had been replaced with a long sweep of hair. Gabrielle is well-known for always having her right eye covered, but for years fans weren’t sure if there was a medical reason behind it or if it was simply a quirky fashion statement.

Now back on the stage and releasing albums after 11 years, Gabrielle has become more forthcoming about her look. At the peak of her career, she never left the house without her eyepatch and called it her “comfort blanket.” The chanteuse has ptosis and admits she’s gone to great lengths to hide her eye since she was a child in London public schools. In addition to ptosis, when she was younger she also had an eye condition that made her constantly blink. She had surgery as a child to stop the twitching, but not to correct the aesthetics caused by ptosis. “As you can imagine, I got a hard time at school from all the witches,” she told The Guardian.

While the twitching has stopped, she still doesn’t feel comfortable showing the ptosis in public, saying, “The idea of going out and showing my eye is like going out without my knickers on. It just wouldn’t happen.”

The Diversity of Ptosis

Ptosis can present in many ways. It can cause small visual impairments without harming the eyeball itself, and when this is the case an upper eyelid lift is covered by most major insurance plans. Sometimes ptosis may “come and go,” but it’s usually permanent if a person doesn’t surgically have it corrected. In some cases ptosis is congenital, or present at birth, and other times it appears later in life. This is called “acquired ptosis” and is most commonly caused by aging and weakening of muscles around the eye and brows.

Ptosis can also be caused by trauma, issues with eye muscles, and some medical disorders. When ptosis is severe and obstructs a person’s vision, you might notice them tilting their head back to see better. The condition can also cause aching around the brows, since these patients are constantly using these muscles to improve vision.

Your Options To Treat Eye Ptosis

Gabrielle hasn’t talked to the press about why she hasn’t opted for surgery or given any details about possible complications. Not every person with ptosis is a good candidate for surgery, but many are. The only way to find out if surgery is a good fit for your ptosis is with a consultation with a leading oculofacial plastic surgeon and eye expert.

Dr. Schiedler at Oasis Eye Face and Skin can help you get started on your ptosis treatment journey. Call (541) 708-6393 today to schedule your consultation.

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