Brow Ptosis vs. Aging

Brow Ptosis vs. Aging | Oasis Eye Face and Skin, Ashland

Brow Ptosis vs. Aging

If you’ve noticed that your brows have started to droop, you might wonder if it’s “just aging” or something else. Oasis Eye Face and Skin is home to Dr. Schiedler, board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon and an eye specialist who attended top universities and is an expert in treating brow ptosis. A brow that is descending goes by the technical term of brow ptosis, and in reality, it is a very common side effect of aging.

The Cause of Brow Ptosis

Brow ptosis usually occurs when the frontalis muscle (in charge of elevating the eyebrow) becomes damaged or simply worn out from age. Combined with a decreased production of collagen (also common with age) and the nearby soft tissues descending, a brow droop becomes unfortunately common as we get older. In rare cases, brow ptosis can also be caused by facial nerve palsy, muscular dystrophy, and myotonic dystrophy. However, the brows can be restored to their youthful appearance with a brow lift.

Pinpointing the cause of your brow ptosis is the first step, and begins with a consultation. Before any type of surgery is recommended, a full history of symptoms is recorded as well as any trauma that might affect the area. Physical examinations will include a series of non-invasive tests. Understanding the cause of brow ptosis and any potential surgical complications is key to ensuring a safe and effective treatment plan.

In some cases, brow ptosis is coupled with eyelid ptosis. Combining a brow lift with an upper eyelid lift is a somewhat common approach, and can be a fantastic way to look years younger and dramatically improve vision if ptosis is interfering with a person’s sight. If ptosis is getting in the way of a person being able to see well, insurance may cover the surgical procedure.

See The Difference – Schedule A Consultation

If surgery for brow ptosis is deemed the best approach, there are two options. The best approach for you will depend on the severity of the ptosis, goals, current health and condition of the skin, and a number of other unique factors. Dr. Schiedler will explain the benefits and procedures in detail so you know exactly what to expect. To learn more about treating brow ptosis in Medford and to schedule your consultation, contact Oasis Eye Face and Skin today.

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