What’s Causing Your Drooping Brows?

What’s Causing Drooping Brows? | Oasis Eye Face and Skin, Ashland

What’s Causing Your Drooping Brows?

Sagging eyelids and drooping brows are common signs of aging, although genetics and sun damage also play a role.

At Oasis Eye Face and Skin, board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Schiedler specializes in treating droopy brows with procedures that can improve vision while making you look years younger. As we get older, eyelids can become heavy, hollow, and droopy, which in turn can make a person look more tired, sad, or older than they are.

Droopy Eyelids Can Happen In Three Ways

It may be caused by ptosis, which is a medical condition that presents as a droopy eyelid. In young, healthy people, the eyelid sits with its lower edge at the very top of the iris. When the eyelid “falls” below that point, ptosis is likely present. Ptosis occurs when the muscles that lift the eyelid become weak or damaged. This most often happens when the levator muscles, which are in charge of lifting the eyelid, are worn out from aging, previous surgeries, or trauma. In rare cases, ptosis may be congenital, neurological, or related to a muscular disease.

Excess skin on the upper eyelid can also “hang” over the eyelid, a condition known as dermatochalasis. Finally, the eyebrow or forehead area can descend, which pushes the eyelid skin down. This is sometimes known as brow ptosis. It’s important to understand the correct cause of droopy brows and eyelids in order to determine the best treatment. That’s why it’s critical to only trust the best eyelid surgeon in Medford for all of your eye-related needs.

Eyelid Surgery And Combination Surgeries

It’s not uncommon to have a combination of these three conditions. Fortunately, surgery can immediately correct heavy brows and eyelids. Blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift, can address excess fat and skin around the eyes. A brow lift can elevate the brow. In some situations, a combination of these surgeries may be recommended. The good news is that if your ptosis is impairing your vision, the upper blepharoplasty may be considered a medical treatment and is often covered by insurance.

Determining whether a person has brow ptosis, eye ptosis, or both can only be made by an eye surgeon. Some patients think they need an eyelid lift, when they may better benefit from a brow lift.

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