Mohs Repair - Reconstruction of an eyelid requires special expertise.

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Eyelid Skin Cancer

The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest skin of the body. It is also sun exposed, and thus is susceptible to skin cancer. Basal cell cancer is by far the most common (90%) skin cancer affecting the eyelids, followed by squamous cell cancer, and fortunately less commonly, melanoma. Because the eyelids are very specialized, and have a very important function which is to keep the eyes protected, they are most often repaired by an oculoplastic surgeon who has intimate knowledge of the eyelids.

Skin Cancer Repair Before and After

Dr. Schiedler has extensive training and experience with eyelid repairs of all types including full eyelid reconstruction. She works very closely with Mohs dermatologic surgeons to reduce the risk of a recurrence. Mohs surgery aims to preserve tissue while completely excising the skin cancer. This allows for the best chance at full recovery and an optimal cosmetic outcome. Most patients are naturally fearful of disfigurement. However, Dr. Schiedler strives to repair each defect with utmost attention to detail in order to obtain the most natural and comfortable result possible.

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