Beware of DIY Chemical Peels

Beware of DIY Chemical Peels | Oasis Eye Face and Skin, Ashland

Beware of DIY Chemical Peels

The term “chemical peel” includes any topical treatment to the face that uses chemicals to “peel away” layers of the skin. Chemical peels should only be administered by an expert like Dr. Schiedler, who is a board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon specializing in eye-area treatments and procedures. A chemical peel can range from mild to deep, and deep chemical peels are so aggressive—capable of penetrating into deep layers of the skin—that they can even delay or be an alternative to a facelift.

Chemistry and Skills

High-quality chemical peels are customized for each patient and made up of unique ingredients designed for every individual. Unfortunately, Lifehacker has reported a recent influx of DIY chemical peels available for purchase online and in stores. One of the most common ingredients in a chemical peel is trichloroacetic acid, which should only be administered by doctors who know exactly how to apply it, when to remove it, and in what manner.

This acid is very effective in literally removing layers of skin. If the acid is made strong enough, it can also eat away the deeper layers of skin. However, dangerous DIY chemical peels have been trending on YouTube and Instagram, often featuring acids that aren’t safe for home usage or in the hands of anyone but a professional.

Chemical peels can often leave what looks like a “burn” after treatment, and this is a sign that skin has been removed and that the body is healing. However, DIY chemical peels can cause painful burns that lead to infection and lifelong scarring. There is also a high risk of a non-professional getting the acid too close to the eyes, nose, or mouth and cause devastating, permanent damage.

Don’t Risk It – Schedule Your Appointment

At-home chemical peels are also ripe with the potential for contraindications. If a person has a sunburn, takes certain medications, suffers from certain medical conditions, or has a history of damage from chemical peels, they are at a much higher risk of suffering from negative chemical peel side effects. They may be a good candidate for a professionally-administered chemical peel, but only after taking certain precautions and only with a chemical peel created just for them. If you’re interested in a professional, safe, and effective chemical peel with Dr. Schiedler, contact Oasis Eye Face and Skin to schedule your consultation.

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