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Relax and enjoy even more comfort at your next treatment with Pronox. It is the latest addition to the Oasis Eye Face and Skin suite of options, giving clients full control over their comfort levels for short treatments like Botox or fillers. Pronox gives you the option to self-administer nitrous oxide via inhalation—also known as laughing gas—to make you feel carefree while also offering a safe, non-addictive pain management tool.

What Is Pronox?

Pronox is half oxygen and half nitrous oxide. It is made using a lower concentration than what you may have been exposed to at a dentist’s office, which allows it to wear off completely after 10 – 15 minutes. This means you will not need anyone to drive you home, and you won’t feel drowsy after your treatment. Nitrous oxide has been deemed safe for many years, and is even safe enough to be used during childbirth. If you’re looking to increase your comfort at your next appointment with no risks or lingering side effects, Pronox might be just the addition for you.

Pronox is a possible great addition for any client getting ready for a short surgical or non-surgical procedure. It can greatly decrease anxiety and stress, particularly since you are always in charge of how much Pronox you self-administer. However, even for those who don’t have anxiety when getting treatments or minor surgeries, Pronox can help make the appointment more comfortable and enjoyable.

Pronox works and it is easy to use. It was designed to put the patient in charge, and the technology features cutting-edge approaches for infection control with an internal on-demand valve. You never have to worry about the function or efficacy of Pronox, because it was created with simplicity in mind, and nitrous oxide has been used for many years.

Pronox offers a quick onset, and becomes effective in seconds. Thanks to the lower concentration compared to other types of nitrous oxide technologies, it has a short duration of effect after self-administration has stopped. Nitrous oxide and its effects are completely cleared from the body in just minutes. By empowering the client or patient to respond to their own anxiety or discomfort, Pronox makes great strides in creating collaboration between patient and medical team.

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If you’ve been putting off a treatment you want or surgery you require because of fear of discomfort or medical stress, Pronox can make all the difference. There is no need to avoid treatments or procedures that can benefit you, make you feel better, or help you to look your best. For some patients, just because a treatment is short doesn’t mean it can’t be stress-inducing. Everyone has their own comfort thresholds, and undergoing a minor surgery or treatment can still be a big decision. With Pronox, you can take charge. Contact Oasis Eye Face & Skin today to learn more about Pronox and whether it is an option for your desired treatment.

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