Dr. Schiedler desires to assist you in making your visit at Oasis Eye Face & Skin as easy as possible.

Oasis Eye Patient Resources

Preparing for Surgery

Plan for a smooth experience

Knowing what to expect goes a long way toward alleviating anxiety

We wish to make your surgery as smooth and comfortable as possible. Whether you are having a short in office procedure, or a longer ambulatory surgery, we find that patients often get nervous from not knowing what to expect. In order to help you feel more relaxed, we strive to educate you on your procedure in enough detail that the “unknown” can be minimized. It is very helpful and we encourage you to discuss with Dr. Schiedler your level of anxiety in order to best plan how we can make things easier for you.

Because the eye area is a sensitive area, Dr. Schiedler has developed several techniques for keeping patients comfortable. Please discuss with Dr. Schiedler any previous pleasant or unpleasant experiences you have had with surgery in the past.

For covered procedures that require pre-authorization from your insurance company, it sometimes takes 6 to 8 weeks to hear back from your carrier. We will notify you once we have confirmed pre-authorization, at which point we can offer you a surgery date. You will return for a preoperative appointment to go over your planned procedure, review preparations you may need to take before surgery, review after surgery expectations and healing process, request a clearance from your primary care physician, and take care of any related financial responsibilities.

Surgery Forms

Release of Information (allows us to obtain records from other providers)
Before Surgery (instructions to help you prepare for a smooth surgery experience)

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