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[You] will be in very good hands.


We are extremely happy. I brought my father, 94 years old,... for reconstruction on his eyelids. We are greatly pleased with the outcome.


[I'm] very happy.  Didn't wait long to be seen... The surgery was fine and was not as extensive as it was suppose to be... It was a pleasant atmosphere and very nice, attentive, professional office and staff.


My experience was great! I needed a biopsy on my lower eyelid. Dr. Schiedler explained the entire process. The process was just how she explained to me and was in no way painful during or after the procedure.


When I made the appointment to see Dr. Schiedler at Oasis Eye I was very hopeful and apprehensive at the same time that she would be able to do corrective surgery on my left eyelid. You see I had two pervious surgeries done by someone else and was not happy with the results.

Dr. Schiedler did a very thorough exam and was very up front about what could be done to correct the lid and make it look more natural. She really put me at ease going over the steps that would be taken and if required would do a second surgery. When I came out of surgery and looked at my eye, both my husband and I said my lid looked better than it ever had after the other two surgeries. When Dr. Schiedler came in to see me she was very pleased at how the lid looked and felt a second surgery was not necessary.

Here I am 3 months later and I am so very happy with the results. I have had many compliments from my friends about how good I look. Thank you so much Dr. Schiedler.



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