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Trichiasis / Eyelash Removal

Electrolysis can eliminate stubborn uncomfortable lashes.

The growth pattern and direction of eyelashes can become abnormal due to chronic inflammation of the eyelid, also known as blepharitis, or due to previous trauma or injury, or tumor. Sometimes lashes will turn inward and rub the eye surface causing significant irritation and pain.

Rather than plucking out these problematic lashes, which will regrow in several weeks’ time, there is a permanent way to remove them using electrolysis. A very fine needle is inserted down the shaft of the anesthetized hair follicle and a tiny electrical current is applied to destroy the lash follicle. This may need to be repeated, but usually only once or twice, as hair follicles are in different stages of growth and dormancy. If a large number of lashes are problematic, surgery may be a better option. Dr. Vivian Schiedler can help you determine which approach would be best for you.

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