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Enucleation is the removal and replacement of the eye.

Reasons for eye surgery

The loss of an eye due to illness or injury does not need to be disfiguring. When removal of a diseased, injured, or blind and painful eye is done well, the healed eye socket can accommodate an artificial eye, or ocular prosthesis, that is custom made to match the remaining healthy eye, and is fitted under the eyelids.

In order to obtain a natural appearance, the volume of the removed eye must be replaced by an implant, which is typically a smooth round sphere. The eye muscles are removed from the diseased eye, and reattached to the implant so that movement will be transferred to the prosthesis.

An ocularist is a highly trained professional who creates a comfortable fit and lifelike appearance for the new prosthesis. This is usually done around 8 weeks after surgery, once all swelling is gone, and typically takes 2 days to create and adjust. A temporary conformer, similar to a large contact lens that fits under the eyelids, is worn during this healing time. A Natural Iris Conformer, which looks like an eye, allows the person to avoid having to wear an eye patch and can return to feeling more normal earlier.

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