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Ectropion is when the eyelid flips away from the eye surface and exposes the lining of the eye.

Reasons for eye surgery

When the ectropion occurs, significant dryness can occur on both the eye and the inner lid, which can become red and inflamed. Usual symptoms are blurry vision, burning, stinging, red, watery eye, and discharge. The eye can become stuck shut in the mornings.

Ectropion Repair Before and After

Ectropion repair is done as a minor surgery in the office under local anesthesia, or under sedation on an outpatient basis. The type of repair depends on the exact nature of the problem, and sometimes needs to be combined with a cheek lift if the mid face is dragging down on the lower lid.

Occasionally, a skin graft may be needed if there is significant scarring or tissue loss from previous surgery or trauma.

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