Dr. Schiedler provides many surgical services to help you to obtain positive visual results.

Oasis Eye Medical Services

Medical Services

Dr. Vivian Schiedler is an oculofacial plastic surgeon specializing in the support structures for the eyes. She is both an ophthalmologist and a plastic surgeon of this very specialized area of the face. Because our eyes and vision are so important and unique, it takes special knowledge and skill in plastic surgery to treat this area with excellent outcomes.

Below are some of the medical problems that Dr. Schiedler treats at Oasis Eye Face & Skin:

Brow Ptosis / Brow Lift
Dermatochalasis / Eyelid Lift
Droopy Eyelid / Ptosis Repair
Ectropion / Eyelid Turning Out
Entropion / Eyelid Turning In
Enucleation / Eye Removal
Facial Spasm
Floppy Eyelid Syndrome
Orbital Fracture
Orbital Tumors
Eyelid Skin Cancer
Tear Drain Surgery
Thyroid Eye Disease
Trichiasis / Permanent Eyelash Removal

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